Is It Game Over?

If you listen to Vogue or other mainstream sources, you should probably forget a modelling career!

DataGrid and other big tech companies have moved in, and they’re staying.

They create realistic, fully adaptable AI models that brands like Nike and Balmain use in their ads, putting models out of work quicker than you can say ‘computer generated.’

But our advice to aspiring models: stick with it! Here’s why.

Nike AI Model - Even better than the real thing?

Not Just Catalogue Work

Sure, a lot of lower paying work is being sourced out to digital agencies, but for the right kind of person who’s willing to work hard, there is still a great future in modelling.

Think about it. Not all modelling is interior catalogue work, the kind that can be easily replicated by AI for use online.

Exterior, video, TV, editorial, runway, and event work still favors real life models who can adapt to the complexity of the situation and interaction with others.

And these types of work pay better, especially if you’re jobbing overseas.

More Work for Great Models

And while a lot of entry level and catalogue work is leading to an exodus from modelling, this has led to more work for those models willing to put in the hours.

In fact, Asian model Alleyzah Salih has found easier to find work now, “For ethnic minorities like me and models with unique looks, there is definitely more work, because we have the kinds of appearances that stand out.”

Be the Difference

So no, AI will not take the jobs of all models. It’ll take the jobs of average models, and it may mean models have to diversify into different kinds of modelling work, just as AI influencers multi-task across platforms as models and thought leaders

But – for now at least – great models will find well paid work, and if you’re working hard to develop your careers, they might find the competition less intense.

Ana Beatriz Barros of Next Models - The real thing

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