Spring 2016 - early Michele trademark bohemia
Alessandro Michele’s departure from Gucci marks the end of an epochal era at the label. 
Things will change. There is anticipation and excitement at Gucci now. But who can push things further than Michele?
The brand had plateaued and digressed under Frida Giannini when Michele became CD in 2016.
Spring 2017 - opulent oddities
Michele had the unenviable task of unifying and driving various threads. 
  • Honor the marquee and consolidate traditional luxury markets.
  • Engage a younger demographic.
  • Dispel the Tom Ford shadow ghost that loomed over Giannini
Before Michele’s arrival, Giannini instilled some of the concepts of anti-fashion and gender neutrality.
Fall 2018 - deconstructing the myth
And Michele embellished it. Created a mythical world (gardens and mansions) and invited people to visit.
But Michele understood that the Gucci model of opioid indulgence was a ludicrous concept. 
His success was in not hiding this. He took it further – through Jared Leto twinship, anti-fashion. Severe horse-bit spectacles and wax-work heads. The point – fantasy laid bare. And it was so radical, value statements were moot.
Fall 2020 - anti fashion par excellence
Gucci is not inclusive in the pc sense. But Michele stripped the facade. He refused to be a populist like Tom Ford. And he refused to mythologize in a dated and patronizing way. It was always – Gucci, this is it.

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