Designers Blending Fashion with Art

Luxury has gone beyond the need to simply dress well. The best designers now understand that good design is not just about making statements with good materials. It’s also about creating items that speak to the wearer’s sensibility and personal style. In this way, a breed of new designers have emerged who consider themselves artists in the broader sense, producing clothing that is unique to their own sensibility, but that engages with the nuances of the environment and their clients.


With clear architectural influences, this Parisian outfit led by Paul Helbers speaks to the individual – clear, soft lines that naturally accentuate the physique – and the universal in through philosophical approaches to construction and fit.


Consistently reshaping the vision of an accessories brand, Lowe’s own luxury branding is interspersed with collaborations with diverse artists and creators outside of its core demographic. Ghibli, founded by Japanese animator Hayo Miyasaki and creator of anime classic including Totoro and Spirited Away, teamed with Lowe in 21/22 for a range of anime themed bags.

5 Brands Bringing Art to Your Wardrobe

  • Thom Browne
  • Sacai
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Christopher John Rogers
  • The Row

David Stuchbury


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