I’m a writer, editor, and copywriter with hundreds of feature and news articles for print and digital clients.

Fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle articles for Beverly Hills-based luxury print and digital magazine. Focusing on brand and celebrity endorsements and new product promotions that consolidate the magazine’s monthly themes, for example, aspiration, achievement, and travel. My job is to produce fast, accurate copy utilizing press releases to reword content and frame within context of the edition’s theme.

In-depth research into metallurgical and aesthetic properties of popular and alternative ring types. My contributions include ranking and comparison lists of ring sizes, widths, prices, suitability of styles for types and occasions, such as men’s rings and weddings.

Contributing fashion-focused extended blog content for eCommerce website. Articles need to be fully researched and meet strict house guidelines to cover themes of Customer retention and experience, and customer service initiatives and metrics. A thorough understanding of current marketing terminology, including first- and zero-party data, OMO, Omni-Channel, CX and CR strategies.   


Producing multiple weekly SEO-targeted articles for luxury handbag website’s The Edit blog. Focusing on latest trends, comparisons between brands, pricing, designs and history and key players.