Fashion worth reading about

It’s a seriously creative business. And I’m a fashion writer for people who take style content seriously


Whether you’re a business ownereditor, or content manager, you can trust that my words will do more than pay lip service to a new release or run through a generic list of this month’s hot must-haves.

Better by miles

In an increasingly A.I-dominated world, content must stand out to give you an edge over your competition. It needs to be well researched, current, disruptive and excellent.

Industry Expert

It needs to be managed by someone with deep industry experiencetech mastery, and a bulging file of insider contacts. Someone who cares about what’s good and is willing to champion it.

I make fashion worth reading about. Tell me what you do?
2022 – current –
Fashion and luxury content for Beverly Hills-based print and digital magazine. 500,000 monthly views. Print edition reaches luxury airport lounges and exclusive hotels across the globe. I’ve covered Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren, Hermes, OMEGA and more. 
2023 – current – royalstylewatch
Up-to-the-minute royal style content for US-based Instagram page and website. 50,000 subscribers. One of the most popular royal style sites on the internet. I provide objective analysis of royal styke and cover trending topics at greater length.
2022 – 2023 – 
Fashion blog content for eCommerce B2B website – CR, CX and customer service initiatives and metrics. First- and zero-party data, OMO, Omni-Channel and digital marketing trends.
2022 – 2023 – /
Multiple weekly SEO-targeted articles for luxury bag and jewellery sites. Focusing on latest trends, comparisons between brands, pricing, designs and history, and key players.