Once Upon a Time …

Chanel’s Resort 2024 collection binged on 90’s TV

Resort can offer a more relaxed break from A/W/S/S’s cycle of collections. Dial down the serious and up the short skirts’ length for short break fun.

Chanel’s angle is always to be as Chanel as possible, realized here in blonde bombshell looks, because Chanel’s holiday was in Hollywood (at Paramount Studios). Not ala Hepburn or Bacall (which would’ve suited the setting and stage, a black square platform with black and white film projected above), but via Deneuve and Locklear


The clothes were art-90210, with each look a scene from that series’ episodes – job interview, prom, house party, audition, skate park, school day –  for a Chanel clientele that is probably old enough to remember the show and rich enough to think it’s a documentary, while avoiding Mean Girls June George archetypes.

It was encapsulated by attendee Margot Robbie, who stars in Barbie this summer and is seen wearing Chanel in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. There she plays Sharon Tate. Chanel didn’t explore that theme